How to Do a Product Review 2022

Data from the How to Do a Product Review report Mapping the Path to Purchase discovered 35% of consumers begin their purchasing journey on a search engine. And if you’re not within the first few positions of the results pages, you’re missing out on incredibly qualified traffic.

how to Do a product review
how to Do a product review

It’s rare these days for a consumer to buy a product without doing any prior research. Before you make a reservation at a new-to-you restaurant, you might ask a friend if they’ve been. If they’re effusive, you’ll make that reservation. If they tell you the shrimp gave them food poisoning, we’re sure you’d find somewhere else – or at least avoid the seafood starter!

Similarly, when buying products or services online, consumers like to know what other people think of it before committing. According to BrightLocal, 82% of consumers read online reviews before buying. It’s clear that product reviews are crucial to a business. They help consumers make important decisions. A brand’s reputation can be improved by good reviews. The customer can gain insight into the product’s usability before purchasing.

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