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moist esports An esports group called Moist Esports was established in 2021. Rocket League, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Guilty Gear Strive, moist esports and Apex Legends are among the games in which the organisation presently fields teams. In July 2022, their Rocket League division won the Rocket League Championship Series 2021–2022 Spring Split Major. moist esports

Moist Esports
Moist Esports

moist esports Cr1TiKaL, a well-known Twitch broadcaster and YouTuber, is the founder and CEO of Moist Esports (Moist). The first member of the squad, Kola, joined on August 11th, 2021. Six of the team’s nine members are Smash players at the moment.

Moist esports rocket league

Moist esports rocket league When Smash Ultimate Summit 3 was announced, Cr1TiKaL ensured Kola would attend by running for office and purchasing votes in the competition. Moist Esports swiftly rose to the top of the Smash scene because to the success of Cr1TiKaL and the addition of other well-known top players like moky and Light. Moist esports rocket league

Moist esports rocket league Moist Esports has already won a number of significant tournaments despite its short history. These tournament victories include Light’s victories at Super Smash Con: Fall Fest and MomoCon 2022 as well as Kola’s triumph at CEO 2021.

S No.IDNameGameMain(s)Join Date
1AaronAaron WilhiteSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate2021-08-22
2GoblinAlexis StennettSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate2021-09-13
3KolaKolawole AideyanSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate2021-08-11
4LightParis Ramirez GarciaSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate2021-09-15
5mokyKurtis PrattSuper Smash Bros. Melee2021-09-02


Charles White, Jr., better known online as Cr1TiKaL, announced the signing of Super Smash Bros. on August 11, 2021. Kolawole “Kola” Aideyan, an Ultimate player, and the founding of Moist Esports[1] led to the company’s expansion into Super Smash Bros. and Guilty Gear Strive in September. On May 5, 2022, Moist Esports established its Rocket League division after hiring the former Team Queso players.[2][3]

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Moist Esports
Moist Esports

moist esports merch In his YouTube video titled “I Need You,” posted on September 21, 2022, White disclosed that Moist Esports operates at a net loss.[6] In the same video, he persuaded 11 million of his followers to play for Team Moist in the Omega Strikers competition. The winning team receives 3% of the event’s net proceeds as prize money. moist esports merch

Other well-known players

  • moist esports roster USA’s best Guilty Gear Strive player and EVO 2021 champion Julian Harris (Hotashi)
  • Top US player and three-time winner of the World Championship 2vs2 Zack Bielamowicz (Boomie) Brawlhalla moist esports roster
  • Rocket League’s best player in the USA is Dillon Rizzo (Rizzo), who most recently won the Rocket League Spring Series in North America and was the winner of the RLCS Season 9 as well.

moist esports, moist esports rocket league, moist esports merch, moist esports roster, moist esports headband

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