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The Spelling Book – Spelling exercises, quick tasks, and investigations for the entire academic year are available for use in your classroom when the new academic year starts. The Spelling Book Plan ahead and revise the way you teach spelling during the three months you have for training. Regain your spelling confidence and improve your literacy results. The Spelling Book

Change the way Year 2 pupils are taught spelling

Jane Considine Spelling demonstrates her methodical, organised approach to spelling instruction in this collection of publications. Jane Considine Spelling The Spelling Book, which comprises over 150 pages of exercises and instructions, is based on the principles of teaching spelling with solid phonic foundations. It will revolutionise your spelling instruction and guarantee that your students become better spellers for life. Jane Considine Spelling

The Spelling Book
The Spelling Book

Spelling of Book

The Spelling Book This book can assist instructors in achieving work-life balance and lessen the need for spelling examinations Spelling of Book and homework by breaking down the acquisition of spelling with repetitive contextual learning. The Spelling Book The book’s activities fulfil all regulatory standards for the National Curriculum and add to them. Suitable for students with SEND and EAL needs as well as low- and high-attainment levels. Spelling of Book

The Table of proper content for The Spelling Book

S No. Content
1.Useful Words list
2.WINK: Words I Need to Know – space to record problematic words
3.Some Tips for Learning to Spell
4.Assessment checklist for each term
5.Glossary of Terms

Spelling of Book The weekly activities and investigations that make up The Spelling Book serve as a framework for lesson planning and as tools for students and instructors to use. These reference books for Years 2 through 6 build on knowledge from earlier years to get students ready for later National Curriculum learning needs. Spelling of Book

Booklet Spelling

Booklet Spelling With more than 25 years of experience in the field of literacy consulting, Jane Considine is an accomplished educator and the creator of ground-breaking educational materials. The Spelling BookIn order to support educators, parents, Booklet Spelling and students in maximising learning for EYFS, KS1, and KS2 students, Jane launched The Training Space in 2004.


What distinguishes “The Spelling Book” from other spelling systems?

The Spelling Book is not a programme; rather, it is a method of spelling instruction that depends on instructors to make the “wonder of words” come to life. The spelling books give instructors direction and help while providing them enough creative freedom to address all National Curriculum essentials. The Spelling Book approach goes above and beyond all expectations in terms of helping kids learn spelling in a way that “sticks.”

The Spelling Book 1
The Spelling Book 1

The Spelling Book Every idea, activity, and assignment in the books has been created to improve vocabulary’s “stickability” and retention. The approach incorporates a variety of in-depth exploratory studies as well as short-burst “chunked” revising tasks. It is based on solid phonic foundations. The Spelling Book

Spelling of Book The Spelling Book is the solution to the planning nightmares of the time-strapped instructors. Students are able to self-assess and monitor their own strengths and weaknesses in spelling thanks to the year view of thorough provision from Year 2 to Year 6. Spelling of Book This ensures that students have a strong comprehension of the abundance of information inside the books. The Spelling Book’s high-quality resources and in-depth instructions will help kids gain knowledge and fluency. The books are flexible, interesting, and comprehensive, acting as a tool to “raise the ante” in the teaching of fundamental spelling. Spelling of Book

The Spelling Books system’s main features are as follows

  • A method that offers instructors concise and efficient lessons throughout the whole year.
  • The Spelling Rainbow is a thorough technique that focuses on reading patterns of spelling, spelling stress, and spelling memory. Spelling of Book
  • Comprehensive guidance for instructors on how to deliver and conduct successful spelling lessons.
  • A programme built on a solid phonics foundation that emphasises educating students about word relationships, sound correlations, etymology, and patterns.

The Spelling Book | Booklet Spelling | Spelling of Book

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